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The education bottleneck

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In July, I wrote an article for Seattle Business magazine about how low capacity in our state’s universities is leading to less graduates in high-demand employment sectors such as health care and engineering. Below is a very insightful response to my article from University of Washington electrical engineering professor John D. Sahr, outlining the huge return our state’s economy could see from investing more in these college programs.

“I have just read Steve Reno’s article in Seattle Business magazine.

I recently participated in the admissions process for UW Electrical Engineering for students who will enter our program in Autumn 2010. There were about 320 applications for admission, and we made 120 offers.  We expect about 95 to accept (a very high yield, indicating the strong demand for Electrical Engineering).

Before posing the following rhetorical question, let me add the factoid that retention (how many students who enter Engineering complete their degrees) is very high — 95 percent or better.

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Written by Steve Reno

August 4, 2010 at 6:44 pm